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Shruthi Shetty


The last couple of years has been a life changing experience for me, from getting married to coming to a new land with new cultures and trying to make new friends, it was like taking the “leap of Faith” .. But if it was not for that I would have never known what am capable of doing in the kitchen.. So here I am sharing and learning new things everyday…

This is the blog that takes you through the travails in my Kitchen and my lil adventures how I get through the day


  1. reetu palan says:

    I am soooo proud of you girlie!!! keep up the good stuff… I feel the same way in a brand new country and can totally relate!!!

  2. misha says:

    All d best shruthi love wat ur doing n all ur new experience n experiment with those lovely dishes …… hope u achieve ur dreams n grow to good heights lotts of love :)

  3. Rashna says:

    Can you help me princess .. looking for a good chinese chicken fried rice recepie … especially one like in the restaurant …where the chicken is not like cube pieces

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